Are Mums cutting maternity leave and returning to work sooner?

Are Mums cutting maternity leave and returning to work sooner? Almost half of mums in the UK are cutting their maternity leave short, and the primary reason will not surprise you… money! It’s always about money, isn’t it?

A recent survey carried out by money Supermarket and reported in “The Telegraph” reveals that a third of mums are planning to return to work after between six and eight months at home with their new baby, while one in ten can only afford to take off three to six months.

Parenting site launched a discussion on the matter and overwhelming sentiment is that mums who cut their maternity leave short in response to financial pressures regretted it.

And the sense of regret was not mitigated by the fact that the mums (and families) were faced with no other option but to go back to work.

The situation seems like a bit of a catch 22; families do have the responsibility to stand on their own two feet and make ends meet but children should also be afforded the best opportunities for a loving, caring home environment in which parents are present.

I am not exactly sure what the solution is but what is pretty much certain is that whether mums return to work or choose to stay at home with their children (in the long run), the first year of a baby’s life is crucial, and no one is more important or more needed than mum and dad.

Source: – “Money worries force half of expectant mothers back to work”