Are mums who work happier?

A new survey by Mumsnet has revealed that only 13 per cent of working mums feel guilty about not being at home with the kids. Not only that but almost half (48 per cent) of mums polled said that having a paid job made them happier.

Although juggling work and family is incredibly difficult, mums are more content in the chaos.

A third of the stay at home mums participating in the poll would prefer to work and 52 per cent of mums felt that staying at home with the kids was tougher than a day at the office.

This suggests that work can sometimes be an escape for mums – a chance to breathe and concentrate on something other than whose turn it is to push the ‘stop’ button on the bus home from school. When life become all about the kids, it’s easy for mums to forget about the other facets that comprise their personality; having a job adds another character dimension.

Not only that, but being paid to work is genuinely fulfilling; it feels good to be able to contribute financially as well as practically and emotionally.

Some women who took part in the survey felt that being at home with the kids might result in ‘over-indulgence’.

The truth is that stay at home mums often don’t feel valued for their efforts – there’s no obvious financial reward for raising children and in western society, money is the most important gauge of success.

In essence, a happy family is reliant on happy parents; and if mums and dads are anxious or frustrated in their familial roles, children will feel it. It’s therefore best to be honest about what’s going on; if it’s work that will lead to fulfilment, then make a plan – work from home, or part time if need be.

And if home’s where you’d rather be, then perhaps some sacrifices are in order to enable part time work? Don’t martyr your happiness for the sake of your children – their happiness is dependent on yours!

Source: – “Working mothers ‘no longer feel guilty about being away from their children’