Arguments during pregnancy are normal (!)

What do couples argue about during pregnancy: money, space, name choice, allocation of responsibility, family size?

All of the above and more.

The good news is: arguments during pregnancy is normal. Totally normal.

In a recent poll by asked expectant parents what the most contentious issues are during pregnancy. Here are the top ten arguments during pregnancy:

1. Baby’s name – 73%
2. Childcare options 65%
3. Partner’s diet (What’s best for the baby etc.) – 58%
4. Breastfeeding – 52%
5. Being too much/ not enough active – 47%
6. Knowing the sex of the baby – 34%
7. Going back to work – 28%
8. Spending – 22%
9. Having a second baby – 17%
10. Choice of baby clothes – 12%

I laughed out loud when I read that that we argue most about what to name our babies. Everything else – puh-lease… it’s all in the name (according to 73% of us!).

Choice of name was certainly the biggest post-baby conversation in our home. We pretty much agreed on everything but a name. We had some good times and hilarious arguments. I look back fondly.

That said; all the points mentioned in the aforementioned list are very real and very important. It’s essential to work your ‘stuff’ out before your baby comes, because the shell-shock of a first child will more than likely magnify the issues.

That doesn’t mean that you need to be in perfect agreement – some things do sort of resolve themselves – but just be conscious of the fact that babies don’t fix things; they make what is already good better.

And enjoy being pregnant – there’s nothing quite like it, disputes and all!

Source: – “What’s in a baby name? An argument, apparently! Baby’s name most argued about issue for first-time parents-to-be”