Baby bag insert for handbags

There are some really cool fashionista-esque baby bags on the market these days; some time in the last decade or so designers realised that just because a women becomes a mum, it doesn’t automatically mean that huge, pink, poofy or ‘baby patterned’ is how said mum rolls – thank goodness!

Nonetheless, carrying around two bags (handbag plus baby bag) is not always convenient, or practical.

What I usually end up doing is shovelling nappies, wipes – the whole shebang – into my handbag, which I love very much and will never forego for the sake of a baby bag, no matter how delightful!

But it is an admitted nightmare as I can never find what I am looking for and waste far too much time scratching around for bank cards and Sudocrem.

Which is why I like the idea of the Miracle Bag – a baby bag insert for handbags.

The insert features four individual compartments for nappies, wipes, creams (etc.) as well as four external slip pockets.

It also includes a large baby changing mat and an insulated drinks holder but what makes it really great is that the Miracle Bag can be swapped from handbag to handbag without having to unpack and repack baby essentials.

The insert comes in stone/khaki, pink, purple, dark blue, blue, orange, green and lime, and retails at £19.99.

The only useful piece of information that I can’t seem to find is the size of the Miracle Bag, which is obviously important as it is relevant in relation to the size of the handbag in which you wish to place the insert. Judging by the video, the insert is pretty large (babies come with a lot of stuff) and requires a large-ish tote or handbag. If you’re interested in making a purchase it might be worth making an enquiry re size.

Visit for more information.