Baby bath time preparations – How to do it right!

Most babies love water and introducing them to regular bathing from an early age can mean the difference between bath time struggles and bath time bliss later on.

Here’s some baby bath time preparations that may just help! Before you begin, be mindful of avoiding interruptions that might occur. i.e. pots on the stove or having your phone with you. Never leave your baby unattended in the bath, not even for a few seconds.

Before you start your baby’s bath, gather all the things you’ll need. These may include:

•A sponge or flannel and or cotton wool if you prefer

•Baby cleanser, mild soap or bath emollient.

•At least one clean, dry towel.  Hooded towels are good for wrapping up your baby from top to toe.

•Test the water temperature with a thermometer or once experienced, your elbow. It should be around 38° degrees.

•A clean nappy and clothes.

•A warm blanket Before you bath your baby, wash his face. It’s easier than trying to do it while your baby is in the water.

There’s no need to use soap or cleanser on your baby’s face. Placing a plastic bath support that suctions onto the bottom of a full size bath or a plastic baby bath is useful for supporting baby and allowing you to use your hands to wash rather than hold.

Undress baby, clean the bum area and lower them into the bath. Wash your baby with a little mild liquid baby cleanser and a soft flannel. Lift your baby straight onto a dry towel. Wrap up and pat, rather than rub, him dry.

You could also massage some mild unperfumed baby lotion onto baby at this stage, but be aware that if baby is cold, this probably won’t be very enjoyable, so ensure a warm room or skip this step on chilly days.

Dress your baby in clean clothes, wrap him in a dry, warm blanket.