Baby bonding tips for Dads

It is completely natural for dads to take longer to bond with their baby than mums, after all mums have carried their baby for nine months, given birth to her, and is producing the milk to help her grow and thrive.

If you are a dad and you are feeling ‘left out’ or finding it hard to bond with your little one, the following baby bonding tips for Dads may help you develop that special father/baby bond.

baby bonding tips for Dads

1 – Bath the baby

Bathing a baby, whilst staring into her eyes and making her smile, can be a great way to develop a bond between baby and dad. If you are a new dad, try and give your baby her bath regularly, as not only will it help your infant become more familiar with your face, but it will also give mum a well-deserved break!

2 – Carry your baby

Carrying a baby close to you in a sling or a carrier can be a good way for a baby to get used to their dad’s feel and smell. You don’t have to go on a three-mile walk with your baby in a sling, but just carrying her around the house or holding her close as you watch the television, can be an effective way to develop a bond.

3 – Put baby to bed

Even if mum is breastfeeding try and be involved in putting your little one to bed. Talk to her softly as she falls asleep will make sure she gets used to her dad’s voice as well as her mum’s and associate dad with bedtime.

4 – Read to your baby

Children do not have to be a certain age before you should start reading to them. On the contrary, the earlier you start reading the better, and a dad reading a story to his baby every night is one of the best baby bonding tips for Dads.

5 – Practice regular father and baby ‘alone’ time

It is easy for a mum and baby to spend a lot of time on their own but dad and baby spending quality time together is often less common. Quality father/baby alone time can help build a bond and it is important that dads spend time alone with their baby each week. Just a trip to the park, 15-minutes sat in the garden or some ‘playtime’ on their baby mat, can make all the difference in developing that crucial father/baby bond.