Baby bottle holder

So, you know those 2 a.m. feeds…where you wish that your baby could just hold his own bottle and your arm could be saved the very trying effort of exerting itself in the early hours of yet another morning? If this is you, a baby bottle holder might be just the thing for you!

baby bottle holder

Also known as a ‘bottle cage’ (although Google will spew up a host of cycle related bottle contraptions if you search this phrase) or ‘bottle ball’ the Baby Bottle Holder is suitable for babies as young as three-months-old. The holder, made from FDA approved silicon, is shaped like a ball, with cage-like spaces that encourage little hands to grasp and manoeuvre the shape without assistance. It fits most standard bottles, and the ultimate aim is that children will learn to bring the bottle to their mouths all on their very own.

My mummy pal whose baby son uses a bottle holder absolutely swears by it – she says that it has made night time feeds so easy! Online reviews on different versions of the product are mostly positive – that the holder also makes a great toy, that it’s fab for developing hand-eye coordination skills and that it gives mum a free hand, but on the negative: some mums say that the holder they have purchased does not fit smaller bottles (there is usually no problem with wide neck bottles, so it seems) and that some babies are distracted by the holder and don’t focus on eating. so just some things to look out for if you’re interested in the product.

Where can you buy a baby bottle holder? Baby Ba does a Baby Bottle Holder that is available on Amazon for £12.99 (free delivery) and there is also the Banz Bottle Ball for £10 on