Baby Boy or Girl…Can You Wait to Find Out?

When it comes to finding out the sex of your child, you’ll likely fall into one of two camps – either getting the gender scoop at the earliest moment possible (the nursery isn’t gonna paint itself pink), or waiting until the birth itself.

Boy or girl?

For those in the former category, it’s not only about feminising the baby room decor or manning up a pint-sized wardrobe; many parents find that knowing the gender of their child helps the bonding process – and for siblings, too. Finding out what you’re having can also narrow down that overwhelming  baby name list — already a particular point of contention between couples.

But despite the fact that growing numbers of mums and dads-to-be are shelling out for private tests at just 10 weeks gestation, anecdotal evidence from the Royal College of Midwives suggests that there’s a definite shift towards keeping the baby goods a surprise, with “a 60-40 split in favour of finding out, compared to a 70-30 split a few years ago.”

NCT groups also report that, compared to previous years, fewer folks are concerned with finding out gender before bab’s b-day.

The reason behind this change is difficult to pinpoint; the different approaches tend to be motivated by the parents’ personalities, although some may say the gender-reveal party trend has become totally tempting – even for the most fastidious of life-planners (think piñatas stuffed with pink or blue sweets and, paint-fight kits gender-appropriate hues, and cupcakes with frosting inside revealing the big news).

Regardless, whichever category you find yourself in, there’s no wrong or right; the reality of having a baby – full stop – will have plenty surprises in store for you, and no amount of pre-planning will change that (in a scary, mind blowing, amazing way).