Baby ‘Bump Bowls’ – The New Photoshoot Trend!

If babies could, they’d probably spend forever nestled within their mummies’ in-utero luxury digs.

Baby 'Bump Bowls' - The New Photoshoot Trend!

And, no matter how much we adore being able to cuddle our little grubs and watch them grow, the days when they were safely tucked away in the womb is something incredibly and inimitably special for every mum.

Liverpool photographer Jocelyn Conway has developed a unique way to make a lasting memory of your babe’s time inside your belly.

A qualified midwife and ultrasonagrapher, too, Jocelyn is deeply aware of the intimate, physiological connection between mother and baby, and how that original bond will always have profoundly special meaning.

Inspired by the fleeting, magical neo-natal moments, the family photographer trained with top body sculpture artist Ken Clarke to create the ‘baby bump bowl cast’.

First, a maternity body cast of the mum-to-be’s bump is produced after 36 weeks of pregnancy and turned into a keepsake bowl. Then, once baby is born, they’re put in the bump bowl for a one-of-a-kind photo shoot.

“I haven’t had a baby back that hasn’t fit in the bowl yet, but I’m waiting for the day,” Jocelyn tells Made For Mums, explaining that babies can come in from 5 days after birth, up to 3 weeks. “We plop them back in the bowl and they sort of go into that shape naturally, they remember what it was like,” she says. “Then I gently jiggle and rock the bowl and they love it. They usually fall asleep straight away!”

Since launching the concept in March, the trend for bump bowls pics is catching on quick in Jocelyn’s studio; and no wonder – the results are adorable.

Baby 'Bump Bowls' - The New Photoshoot Trend!

“A baby bump bowl casting is a unique and special way to capture and tie in a woman’s pregnancy and their baby’s birth,” she says. “It’s also a way of getting stunning newborn photos of a baby which incorporate a very personal photo prop – their mum’s tummy. It’s never been done before and is an exciting extension of my business which I’m finding that my clients love.”

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