Baby Buying Syndrome – do you have it?

Those cute little onesies that you saw in the shop…you know that your baby is only the size of a pea but you just can’t help yourself. That’s how it starts. Then, before you know it, you’ve bought a Schoenhut 30 Key Fancy Baby Grand Piano, a pony, a Diamond-Encrusted Bath Tub and a seat on Virgin Galactic’s next mission to space.

Sound familiar? If so, you could be suffering from a greater or lesser version Baby Buying Syndrome (BBS). It’s a real thing!

Baby Buying Syndrome - do you have it?

Parenting coach and mum of three Judy Reith, says this of Baby Buying Syndrome:

“Parents constantly feel the need to get it right, from buying the right pushchair to cooking healthy meals or dealing with discipline.

But the reality is that when we put pressure on ourselves to reach this impossible target we lose sight of what really matters when it comes to parenting.

It’s all about having the confidence to be the kind of parent you want to be and not being dependent on other’s opinions. Sadly, our society values the status that comes from designer brands, but your baby will have no idea about what you’ve bought them.

What they will pick up on is if you are anxious, fed up, depressed or exhausted from feeling like you have to keep up with buying all the latest stuff.”

For some parents, BBS wears off after babs is born but for others, the physical manifestation of the baby might only increase the need to buy stuff. Perhaps the best test as to the seriousness of the matter is how your budget is coping with all the spending. Whimsical spending is so not worth the sacrifice of financial security.

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