Baby crawling safety tips

A baby starting to crawl is naturally an immense step in his progress and one of those ‘milestones’ that leaves parents rushing for the camera and unlikely to forget. However ‘unsteady’ at the beginning, a baby’s crawling power rapidly gathers speed and confidence, leaving many a parent exhausted and unable to keep up!

A baby’s newfound freedom in his ability to be able to crawl can be potentially hazardous as he inquisitively explores the world around him from a new perspective. Below are several baby crawling safety tips to help you ensure that your baby’s crawling environment is as ‘hazard free’ as possible.

When a baby first starts to crawl he is naturally a little unsteady and has a tendency to keep toppling over. Floors that are tiled as opposed to carpeted do not provide a very comfortable landing for your baby. When your baby is in the initial ‘unsteady’ stages of his crawling career, encourage him to crawl on floors that are carpeted or at least have a mat to soften those inevitable falls!

* As babies have an uncanny tendency to pick up speed in their crawling extremely quickly, it is important that you keep your eye on him at all times. Shut the door of the room you are both in, as even just taking your eyes of him for a second to watch the television, could result on him making his getaway to the next room!

Always make sure that the floor is clear and no objects that your baby could pick up and chock on are left lying around.

The attraction of electrical cords for babies is immense and it is almost impossible for a baby not to reach out and pull any cord they may come across, which of course could cause a serious accident. Ensure that there are no electrical cords, from lamps, irons, televisions, etc., within your baby’s reach.

* Electric plug sockets are equally as irresistible to a baby, who would, on his tour around the room on his hands and knees, would love to poke and probe. To avoid a potential accident, any unused plug sockets should fit with a safety cover.