Baby Explorer app – an app for babies

If you’re keen to familiarise your tiny baby Bill Gates with the T-word (Technology, that is) definitely check out the Baby Explorer app by Emantras, which is suitable for babies from 3 months.

The app for babies uses bright colours (which babs starts to distinguish between at around 5 months) to engage your baby and encourages auditory stimulation with four push buttons that quack, ring, squeak and whistle and also features a spring loaded butterfly and an illusion wheel, which aims to advance baby’s hand-eye coordination.

Other baby-friendly activities include games whereby babs has to crack open an egg or make a frog leap.

Playing with a baby as young as 3 months is all about capturing baby’s attention and captivating his/her interest – also nurturing curiosity and creating an environment in which baby feels comfortable exploring. An app could be one dimension of this type of play?

The advantage of an app as a toy is that it’s portable and cannot be swallowed – great for queues, planes, trains and panic levels too.

What do you think? Sound like something you’d download for your little one?

CLICK HERE to download the Baby Explorer app (£1.99).