Is your baby a future football star?

Is your baby’ daddy a football nut? Are you a football nut? And are you planning the same for your sweet baby? New research commissioned by Beko, FC Barcelona’s new Premium Partner, shows that almost half of parents go to great lengths to get their children onside with their favourite football team.

Is your baby a future footballer?

In fact, more than half of mums and dads are worried that their children will support a football team other to the one they cheer for.

So it comes as no surprise that a third of parents admit that they have dressed their child in their team’s kit from birth and that one in seven take their child to every home match, while one in ten say they’ve even made their child sit through every football season on DVD to make sure they support the ‘right’ team. (The funny thing is that after all those Man United baby clothes, only around 40 per cent of parents say that their child has actually ended up supporting the same football team as them.)

But it doesn’t stop there; one in five parents believe their child is a future footballing superstar, which would definitely make up for supporting the ‘wrong’ team. According to Beko’s study two thirds of parents, who are under the impression that style on pitch will secure a career in football, go to extra lengths to ensure their child’s kit is at its cleanest. And interestingly, it’s dads who are doing all the hard work, with 70 per cent committed to trying everything from soaking the kit overnight to splashing out on the latest gadgets to ensure their child looks the part on the pitch.

That said; one in five parents do teach their children that it’s the taking part and not the winning that counts as the most important aspect of playing sport. But that does not mean that your baby can’t rock a football and sleep with a ball instead of a teddy – right?