Baby Grobag safety tips

Being cosy, safe and warm, baby grobags are increasingly becoming a popular product to snuggle your little one up in at night, replacing traditional blankets and duvets.

Although given their relative newness onto the market, some parents are understandably concerned about the safety aspects of the grobag and what to look out for when buying one. Below are some baby grobag safety tips to help put your mind at rest if you are deliberating whether to buy a grobag or not.

baby grobag

1 – Buy a grobag which is the correct size to accommodate your baby

Due to their fitted neck and arm holes, babies cannot slip out of a grobag and have their head covered whilst sleeping and, as a consequence, grobags are potentially one of the safest forms of bedding for your baby, providing it is well fitted. It is imperative that you make sure your baby’s head cannot pass through the neck hole. Whilst babies differ considerably in size, always check the recommended weight and size on the label of the grobag against your own baby prior to making your purchase.

2 – Ensure the baby grobag is fastened securely

Many grobags have shoulder poppers, which, if not fastened securely, may result in a similar effect as placing a baby inside a grobag which is too big, whereby a baby’s head can become covered by the grobag. To prevent this from happening, it is therefore imperative that you fasten your baby’s grobag properly.

3 – Regulate temperatures

Grobags, like sleeping bags, are designed to be warm and cosy. Unlike adults, babies and small children do not have the ability to control their own temperature. Grobags come in different togs, and it is important to choose the correct tog depending, not only on what season it is and the weather, but also the temperature of your baby’s room and what nightwear he is wearing.

4 – Do not put new-borns in grobags

It is not generally advised that babies weighing less than 8lbs 8 ounces are put in grobags. This is due to the fact that their heads may be small enough to slip through a grobag’s neck hole.

5 – Do not let a baby get too big for a grobag

As their name suggest, grobags are designed to accommodate your growing baby. Although it is important that you do not let your baby’s grobag get too small for him, as this will only make your baby uncomfortable and prone to waking up. It is generally recommended that you buy a new grobag every 12 months.