The Baby Names Whose Meanings Are (A Tad) Cringey

Some of us choose our child’s name based purely upon its aesthetic; the way it sounds when spoken, or perhaps the way it looks written out. There’s nothing wrong with this method–words can be intrinsically beautiful without having to dig into their myriad meanings; but sometimes, it helps to do a little background check on your chosen moniker…Here are twenty baby names  and their less than appealing meanings (and condolences if this heads-up has found you too late).

Fridge letters

Because modern day names tend to be an amalgam of names or references from various historical periods and cultures, they often have different meanings depending on which point of origin you look at. So; plenty of these names do in fact have some pretty gorgeous alternative meanings–like ‘Lamia’, which can be a devilish vampire, or, one who is “shining” and “radiant”. The point? You can surely choose your meanings along with the name, but for those who like to cover all their bases, this list is probably a handy place to start…


Arron – “Carnage, slaughter”
Byron – “Barn for cows”
Brendan – “Stinking hair”
Calvin – “Bald”
Cameron – “Crooked nose”
Campbell – “Crooked mouth”
Gideon – “Having a stump for a hand”
Huxley – “Inhospitable place”
James – “Supplanter”
Samuel – “Prince of darkness”
Seth – “Evil god of chaos”


Belinda – “Beautiful snake”
Cassandra – “She who is ignored”
Desdemona – “Misery”
Lamia – “Female man-eater”
Lola – “Lady of sorrows”
Lilith – “Night monster”
Kennedy – “Misshapen head”
Mallory – “Unlucky”
Molly – “Bitter”
Portia – “Pig”

Via babyology