Baby proofing your home

On average, babies start to crawl at around eight months, although some may get moving even earlier. And once they find their moving skills… they’ll be off! Even if crawling is a while off for your little one yet, it’s good to be prepared for the day when they suddenly do.

Here are a few ideas and habits you should get in to, to help you get ready for the day your baby suddenly gets from one end of the room to the other in the blink of an eye!


Always keep anything hot away from the edges of tables and counters. Get into the habit of making sure handles on pans are facing towards the back of the hob and if you can, fit an oven door guard to prevent burns. Make sure matches and lighters are far out of reach, as well as hairdryers and straighteners.


Use doorstops to protect your baby’s fingers, make sure all electrical cords are hidden away and don’t have any appliances, like a toaster or a kettle, within reach. Never leave windows open if there’s a chance your baby can get to them, and also make sure they are locked when they’re shut, making sure any blind cords are well out of reach. Block the bottom and top of stairways with a stair gate.


Make sure knives, breakables, heavy pans and any other items that could be dangerous are kept well out of reach, and use door and drawer locks to stop your baby getting into places they shouldn’t. Avoid using tablecloths as your baby could very easily pull them down, along with anything that’s on them. Attach corner and edge guards to any furniture that could be a hazard, and make sure any furniture that could topple over if your baby pulls up on to it, is secured to the wall.


Keep any medicines vitamins, cleaning products and toiletries well out of reach and also keep handbags (including visitor’s) out of reach too. Have a little crawl around on your own hands and knees to see if there’s anything you might have missed that little ones may find exciting!


Once you’ve taken these steps to baby-proofing your home, you’ll be prepared when your little one suddenly reaches their next milestone.