Baby showers – are you having one?

Baby showers are an American trend which have taken fancy in the UK – judging by the £220 million British women spend on showers (as reported by

The £220 mil averages out to £50 per woman per shower. Sound excessive? Probably because designer clothing is par for the baby shower course these days. Yes? (Apparently Posh Spice and baby Harper’s enviable wardrobe are to blame).

In a survey by, it was revealed that one in eight women spend over £100 on friends’ baby showers (a minority thank goodness); one in six have said ‘no’ to baby showers out of concern for the cost involved; one in six women are worried that their gift will look ‘cheap’ in comparison to others.

Judging by the aforementioned stats, it seems that less rather than more of us are worried about money issues revolving around baby showers. Which is good.

I had a baby shower and it was a fun, low-key event (I am not into the whole baby- game, dress up thing) and the showers I have been to were similar. In my mind, it shouldn’t be about the gift (and its cost). Rather; get a bunch of galpals together, eat cake, drink tea and laugh about life. The baby is almost just an excuse to get friends together who you haven’t seen for a while.

I know that with my shower, my friends were really excited to throw me one but they knew that I didn’t want people to feel pressured into buying expensive gifts.

But we’re all different. We like different things. Just make sure that whoever’s throwing the shower has had a discussion with you beforehand as to the kind of event you’d like; and it is guaranteed to be a fabulous celebration of new life, fun and friendship.

Are you having a baby shower? What do you think about baby showers in general?

Source: – “Baby shower boom: British women spend £220m on baby showers as designer clothes and infant ‘gift lists’ now the norm