The Baby Shusher: The Ultimate Newborn Sleep Hack?

Miracle cures for newborn sleep niggles abound. Some are grounded in science, others tethered to ridiculousness. But this one is based on Baby Basics 101–and just might be the hack to finally crack those sleepless nights.

Baby Shusher

Masterminded by parents Katie and Chad Zunkers, the Baby Shusher – suitable from birth until 9 months—promises to lull your little one into lalaland with minimal fuss (aka tears).

Necessity–or desperation–is the mother of invention, and the idea was born when the mum and dad pair were struggling to help their baby daughter to fall asleep.

Watching an interview with a doctor who recommended ‘rhythmic shushing’—mimicking comforting in-utero sounds—provided just the trick, but physically having to ‘shush’ for what seemed an eternity quickly became exhausting.

Enter the invention of the Baby Shusher, which has the magic shushing recorded, and can be left by a cot, and set to a timer. No need to hook up an app on your mobile and leave it running all night—or shush to the point of passing out (true story).

The miracle maker is currently available on Amazon, and the reviews are pretty enthused so far:

“I don’t know what I would do without it!!! I love it!! Best thing ever to put my baby to sleep.”

“I spent many days shhh’ing my baby. Then a friend told me about this! It’s brilliant for car journeys for those babies that hate the car seat, or even indoors when your mouth is so dry from all the shhhhh shhhhh shhhhhh shhhhhhhh you have to do! BUY THIS!”

Of course, there never really is a one-size-fits-all when it comes to babies (and baby sleep, specifically):

“This scared my baby. Save your money.”

But if you do buy the Shusher and your tot isn’t a fan, you can always use it on yourself to drown out the tears of fatigue.

Via madeformums