Baby skincare tips for new mums

Newborn babies have extremely sensitive skin, and for new parents, particularly first time parents, knowing how to look after such delicate skin can be somewhat intimidating.

If you are unsure of what skincare regime you should be practising on your little one, follow these baby skincare tips for new mums.

1. Never use regular soap or bath and shower gels on your baby’s skin as it will only dry the skin out. Always opt for PH neutral or bio-organic products that are specifically designed for babies. Tear free formula shampoos are also advisable so that it doesn’t irritate your baby’s eyes.

2. Babies do not generally require additional moisturizer. Products such as leave on creams and lotions contain a high concentration of preservatives that will aggravate your infant’s delicate skin.

3. Use non biological, fragrance free washing products to wash your baby’s clothes. Washing detergents contain high levels of preservatives which, not only can irritate a baby’s sensitive skin, but some infants are allergic to the ingredients found in washing powder.

To be on the safe side, use less ‘harsher’ washing products. Most of the major detergent companies have a non-biological product in their range. It is also advisable to wash your baby’s new clothes to soften them prior to he/she wearing them, as softer clothes will be less inclined to cause a rash on your little one’s skin.

4. When buying clothes and bed linen always choose natural fabrics such as cotton to allow your baby’s skin to breathe more easily. Also wash bed linen regularly to avoid mites and dust, which can have a negative effect on your baby’s skin.

5. Excessive dry heat can cause your baby’s skin to become dry, avoid unnecessary heat by turning the heater down in your baby’s room, particularly at night.