The Baby Sleep Graph that’ll Change Your Life

If you’re a newbie parent, one word is likely to sufficiently sum up your current existence: chaos.

Tired mother

But things will get better…and this is no cheesy Hallmark platitude–here’s the graph to prove it.

One altruistic mum has taken the painstaking time to track her baby’s sleeping and feeding cycles, from 3 months postpartum through to 14 months, and share the revealed relief with the masses.

Kids rarely follow the guidebooks. And the moment you welcome your precious bundle into the world (or even before), you’ll swiftly be made privy to this helpful little nugget.

In an effort to see if some semblance of pattern actually exists amidst the madness that is newbornhood, wife of reddit user jitney86 decided to plot their tot’s haphazard ‘routine’.

Baby sleeping pattern

“My wife started collecting data after 3 months because we were going crazy due to the lack of predictability that comes with having a newborn. We found it helpful and just kept going,” explains the dad. “Each column is 1 day and each row is a 15 minute block of time. Data was collected by my wife in excel. Plotting was also done in excel just using auto cell formatting.”

For those whose exhaustion-addled brains cannot compute the figures, the visual evidence speaks for itself; stuff did indeed start to even out, and, lo and behold, a bonafide pattern began to emerge.

To date, the Reddit post has racked up over 600 enthused comments:

“As a first time dad to a 4 month old, I’m looking forward to that sweet, sweet sleep consistency. Never has a graph filled me with such hope.”

“This graph is truly inspirational! Soon… Soon I will sleep…”

Of course, with the graph comes the caveat that your dear darling is not going to necessarily follow this exact same trajectory of Crazy Town turned Pleasantville (ish)…but it is confirmation that life will (eventually) even out into some version of predictability–and when a deviation from the norm does occur–which it will–it’s going to be way easier to chalk it up to developmental quirks, illness, or, the all-important cuddle top-up.

So it goes without saying: Keep at it, mum and dad!

Via babyology