Baby teeth jewellery – Would you do it? it’s the latest craze!

As a child I remember playing with the stuff on my mum’s dressing table only to open a trinket box containing a hoard of tiny teeth.

It didn’t gross me out or anything but I remember thinking that it was weird that – being the mum of three children – she hadn’t at least separated the teeth according to ownership; my teeth along with those belonging to my younger brothers were just lumped together, like mum didn’t really quite know what to do with them but couldn’t bear to part with them.

Sound familiar?

I have two girls – they’ll lose their teeth at some point and it would be kind of cool to do something with them (other than store them in a trinket box, which does sort of gross me out twenty years later), but what?

One idea is to have them immortalised in gold or silver – as baby teeth jewellery. Wearing your children’s pearly whites around your neck or on a charm bracelet could be a little too Texas Chainsaw Massacre for some mums but said teeth can be made into pieces of custom jewellery. For real.

Rock My World, a shop on Etsy that specialises in hand cast sterling silver jewellery offers custom made baby teeth jewellery.

The jewellery is a replica of the actual tooth; after the pendant (etc.) has been moulded and cast, you get the original tooth back – so it’s not like you’re wearing your child’s actual tooth (just an fyi!).

And there’s also another place that does memento jewellery; offers custom-made baby teeth jewellery as part of a jewellery range aptly names Le Knockout.

The brains behind both businesses – Jackie Kaufman for Rock My World and Kim Kovel for the Le Knockout range – both say that baby tooth jewellery is merely a more modern version of the bronzed baby shoes/hand print memento.

Love it or hate it, it’s certainly original (and certainly more practical than a tooth stash)?

What do you think? Would you invest in gilded baby teeth jewellery?