Baby weaning tip! Use orange vegetables

If you’re about to start weaning your baby (yay! – such an exciting milestone), here’s a baby weaning tip: orange vegetables are always a hit.

What you’re sure to learn over the coming months is that babies are usually suspicious of anything green (bar avocado and peas) – broccoli, spinach, beans – they’ll pick at it, spit it out or refuse to touch it purely on principle. Green is mean. Poor green.

Baby weaning tip

But boy do babies love orange – it’s naturally sweet and nutritious as well as delicious!

And it is the season for all things squash (which is a fruit by the way – just a little fyi). Purée some pumpkin and squash, carrot is also good – all together or individually – and your meal is done. So easy.

If you want to be adventurous, add some cinnamon when you purée your veg or roast with some sage and then mash it up after.

If your baby is  going on to lumpy meals, a squash risotto is a good option and take it a little further with pumpkin fritters for older eaters. The possibilities are endless.

Orange vegetables are also very good at disguising anything green! Add broccoli and/or spinach to your purée and your baby will gobble it up without batting an eyelid.

Happy cooking!

Do you have any great ‘orange veg’ recipes you’d care to share?