Baby wearing jacket by Mamaway

If you’re a mum who loves to wear your baby in a sling, you’ve got to check out Mamaway’s 3 in 1 Down filled Maternity & Baby Wearing Jacket.

Both my babies were winter babies and I remember bundling myself into colossal coats that I could wrap around babs plus sling to ward of the winter chill. But then winter ended and I was left with a massively oversized (massively unflattering) jacket. What a waste.


Mamaway’s jacket

So I quite like the idea of Mamaway’s jacket because it can be altered to fit when not being used as a cum-baby-wrap or to sip up a pregnant belly.

The jacket features a uniquely styled front panel, which integrates seamlessly into the jacket. One end of the jacket panel is wider than the other. When you are heavily pregnant, zip the panel into your jacket so that the wide end is at the bottom to comfortably cover your bump.

Then, when you are using the Mamaway jacket while baby wearing, flip the panel upside down so that the wide end of the panel is at the top. This gives babs plenty of space and breathing room as well as makes for an even cover across you both.

And then when you’re done with bump and baby, the jacket is made to fit your frame.


Don’t you love it?

The hoodie jackets are 100 per cent nylon and thus windproof (great for baby protection) and also feature bump front pockets. The jacket comes in Raspberry, Burnt Orange and Plum.

For a fitting reference and for more info on Mamaway’s 3 in 1 down filled Maternity & Baby Wearing Jacket, visit