BabyGap rolls out Hello Baby Keepsake Box

Here’s a fact for you; parents can’t help but be sentimental about their kids. Even if they try not to be, even if before they had kids they swore they wouldn’t be and even if after kids they don’t appear to be, they totally are – even if it’s late at night in the quiet of midnight that they haul out the dusty baby treasures. Which is why a keepsake box is always a great gift for any mum or dad!


BabyGap has just rolled out the BabyGap Hello Baby Keepsake Box, which is a gift box in the guise of a suitcase. The box includes:

• a personalised ‘luggage tag’ with baby’s birth date and name
• bunting for the nursery
• animal and alphabet stickers that can be used to personalise the box
• a first-year timeline (a pull-put book that can be used to record milestones)
• a greetings card and tissue paper (for any personal gift that you might like to add).
Wouldn’t this be great for a baby shower? Friends could club together for the keepsake box (which costs £25) and maybe some extra bits and pieces to put inside! Mums-to-be will love it!

The BabyGap Hello Baby Keepsake Box is available from selected Gap stores nationwide.