Baby’s first Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you’re sharing it with a child for the first time – little ones make Christmas so magical! Your baby’s first Christmas is the start of many years of wonderful festive memories, so here are some tips to help you enjoy it to the full.

Baby’s first Christmas

First of all, keep in mind that your baby won’t know it’s Christmas – they won’t have a clue what’s going on, what all the fuss is about and certainly won’t care how many or how few presents they get. They don’t even know what presents are! So don’t go overboard. Whether it’s gifts or dinner, don’t stress about everything being perfect because they won’t even notice!

Even though it will be a while before they can read it, sending a letter from Santa to your baby is a lovely thing to do on their first Christmas. Whether you write it yourself, or you arrange for one to be sent, this will be a precious treasure to keep and a magical thing for your child to read later on down the line.

While you’ll no doubt want to remember every single second of your baby’s first Christmas, don’t get stuck behind a camera! Of course, take plenty of pictures and videos, but remember to take it all in with your own eyes too! You don’t need 10 pictures of your baby in a cute outfit – one will probably do!

Don’t get carried away with presents and encourage others to do the same. They don’t need an abundance of toys and you’ll only have to find somewhere to keep them all! Little keepsake items are good ideas for presents for a baby’s first Christmas – you can allow yourselves to get more carried away when they’re old enough to appreciate it.

Even though you may be adamant to keep your baby’s routine, don’t stress about it for just one day. So maybe they usually have a nap at the exact time you sit down for dinner – relax and enjoy, then put them down after. Or get someone else to help you. One day isn’t going to completely ruin the routine you’ve established for your little one.