Is My Baby’s Stork Bite Forever?

Some babies are born pristine(ish); others bear the signs of perinatal battle: patches, blotches, and, most notably–‘stork marks’, or ‘bites’. Do they ever fade? Here’s what the experts say.

Little baby

Red marks on the back of the neck are referred to as ‘stork marks’, and red blotches around the eyes are known as ‘angels kisses’; cute names, sure (and hilariously ironic given that the marks often become more pronounced during tantrums)–but many mums ask if these markings ever disappear.

Dr Philippa Kaye, who specialises in children’s and women’s health, explains:

“‘Stork marks’ on a newborn are salmon pink or light red birthmarks often on the face, scalp or neck.

“The medical term is naevus flammeus but they are often called ‘stork bites’ as they are commonly on the scalp or neck, where you were held by the stork as he flew with you, or ‘angels’ kisses’ if they are between the eyebrows, where you were kissed by an angel!

“They are common, occurring in approximately 40% or 4 out of 10 infants.

Kaye concludes that facial naevus flammeus birthmarks usually fade around baby’s first birthday, while those on the scalp and nape of the neck are more resilient–but are eventually concealed by hair in most cases.

There you go!

Via madeformums