Babywearing musicians perform Beethoven

Babywearing is the ultimate parenting trend at the minute. It doesn’t conform to any one parenting philosophy; rather, it’s about keeping your little one close and connected to you as you get on with life. Not only does keeping your baby close you support the bonding process but it also makes life a bunch easier – so the story goes.


And if you think engaging in daily activities with a tot strapped to your chest (or back) might be sort of cumbersome, in support of International Babywearing Week in October (yes, this is a thing) a bunch mums and dads formed a small orchestra to perform Beethoven’s Ode To Joy whilst wearing their babies. Whilst wearing their babies! If this is possible, so is a lot of other stuff.

A piano, a harp, a violin, a cello, a flute, a clarinet, a trombone and a conductor – all played with kids wrapped securely around the muso-parents. It’s quite magical. And totally cute –the little heads bobbing, some sleeping, as their mums and dads perform (as the music wafts into the air at a low, baby friendly, level).

The ensemble was brought together by Wrap Your Baby creator Diana Rosenfield in an effort to “celebrate having their hands free for everything from housework to artistic pursuits.”

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