Ballet with Baby: new fitness craze keeps mums on their toes

Getting pre-baby bod back. Getting out of the house. Two of the most arduous tasks most new mothers tackle. Babywearing Ballet helps mums achieve both, designed to get you working up a little sweat and working in a few snuggles, oh-so-gracefully.

Ballet with Baby: new fitness craze keeps mums on their toes

Created by ballet dancer and mother of two, Morgan Castner, the California-based class focuses on “…toning, bonding and meeting new mothers”. Her ballet-style practice is suitable for all levels of fitness and for babies from newborn to any baby-wearing age, and will have you doing points, pliés and pirouettes (okay, maybe not that last one), all with your mini dance partner in tow.

It’s the perfect contrast to the chaos of early motherhood, combining balance and poise with the bonus of a babysitter-free workout. It’s also totally adorable. And if the undeniable cute-factor weren’t motivation enough, the babes reportedly tend to fall asleep as the music plays and mamas strike classical poses.

Dr William Sears, parenting author and paediatrician, says of the class’s soothing effects: “It’s only natural that dancing calms babies. Their whole uterine existence was a moving experience. Babies crave movement after birth because to them it is the norm.”

Obviously, this version of ballet is perfect for as long as the little ones are content within confines of sling/baby-carrier; once they’re ready to toddle on their own twinkle toes, you may have to rethink your new exercise regime…