Bath time fun for babies

Bath time is a great way for you and your baby to bond and can create a lot of giggles! You don’t need to splash out (pardon the pun) on loads of expensive toys for your little one to enjoy their bath, there are lots of other ways you can make this a really fun time!

Bath time fun for babies

Sensory time

Something as simple as having a bath is a big sensory experience for babies. Sing along while you wash them, make up songs as you lather on the soap, tell rhymes about splashing, water and ducks. Your baby will also love the feel of different textures on their skin – from a soft sponge to a wet flannel. Gently stroke your little one’s hands so they can experience how they feel.

Once they are old enough to grasp bigger objects themselves, you can give them different sized sponges to play with themselves.


Hop in!

If your baby isn’t so keen on the bath or water, get in with them. The skin-to-skin contact between a baby and a parent is wonderful for both and also encourages bonding. Being close to them in the water will also help them to feel secure and make it easier for you to clean them all over.


Bubble fun

Kids of all ages absolutely love bubbles, and bath time is the ideal opportunity to watch, play with and pop bubbles. They’ll love seeing the bubbles flying through the air and reaching out to them.


Homemade toys

There are so many bath time toys available, but the best ones are often simple things you already have around the home. (Although, everyone loves a rubber duck in the bath!). Cups, jugs and sieves will all help to stimulate your baby, watching the water flow and scooping it up and pouring it out when they’re able to.


Ball-pit bath

Turn your bath into a ball pit by adding some rubber balls to the tub. Your baby can watch them float, reach out to them and kick them around with their feet and legs.