Bathtime fun for babies – Bathtime Bongos!

Who ever said that battery operated toys and drum kits were not conducive to water had obviously never met Fisher Price!

One of the coolest baby toys around town is Bathtime Bongos, part of Fisher Price’s Laugh & Learn range.

It’s an interactive toy that is designed specifically for bathtime fun for babies, and all it requires to operate is a pair of AA batteries and some excited hands that like to bang things.

The Bongos teach letters, numbers, opposites, greetings, words (and more) by stimulating baby’s senses with dancing lights and music. And what child doesn’t love good ‘sing along’? – There are over 25 tunes that babies gurgle and splash along to. The toy is also a brilliant way to teach ‘cause and effect’ – touch this and that will happen.

The drum is totally water-tight and it also floats in the bath (making it easy for little hands to manage). It can, of course, also be used outside of the bath.

Babies love water, they love music and if my children are anything to go by they love to bash stuff – a toy that combines all three makes total sense.

The Bathtime Bongos are recommended for children aged 6 months and up, and can be purchased from the Fisher Price store as well as selected retailers.