Beautiful bath toys that won’t go mouldy by Oli&Carol

Bath toys tend to be the least imaginative of all playthings – gaudy bits of plastic tossed in the tub to distract your little one, then left to languish in a landfill once babs gets bored of ’em.

Beautiful bath toys that won't go mouldy by Oli&Carol

They’re also the yuckiest of all baby knickknacks, going mouldy quickly and proving near-impossible to clean.

Oli&Carol, a Spanish brand that specialises in natural baby toys, has designed a line of squeaky-clean rubber bath toys that are fun in the suds, safe to chew, and… hygienic: all the designs are minus the hole in the bottom – which means that water doesn’t go inside and these lil’ duckies never go mouldy!

And they are absolutely gorgeous, too.

Beautiful bath toys that won't go mouldy by Oli&Carol

The natural, ecologic and biodegradable handmade products are 100% pure latex from Hevea trees, and painted with food grade dyes safe for babies.

Oli&Carol’s collection offers a variety different shapes and colours perfect for playtime; from fruits, animals, geometric figures and origami boats in pastels or brights, to cutesy retro beetle cars and traditional quack-quacks in spotty style or monochrome.

Beautiful bath toys that won't go mouldy by Oli&Carol

Most importantly, they all FLOAT.

These bath toys are not your usual disposable novelties; the miniature objets d’art are far too pretty, and will last long after your mini bathing beauty has outgrown them – by which time you can claim them for yourself.

Take a look at the full range of Oli&Carol toys HERE.