The Benefits of Eating Pumpkin in Pregnancy 

It’s nearly Halloween and ’tis the season for munchkin and mammoth pumpkins. Of course they’re great for decor, but the golden flesh is delicious, too. Is it safe to eat during pregnancy? You bet—according to, it’s actually packed with incredible benefits for both you and baby!


• Pumpkins are a literal powerhouse of nutrition; rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, iron, calcium, niacin and phosphorus.

• Eating pumpkins can reduce eczema flare-ups, a common complaint in pregnancy, and can soothe abdominal cramps.

• Crunching on pumpkin seeds is also an excellent digestive cleanser, and helps to ward off the risk of stomach infection.

• The naturally sweet veg can help to reduce blood sugar levels (as long as you don’t ladle your pumpkin fritters with syrup!).

• Eating a quarter cup pumpkin seeds contains nearly half your daily requirement of magnesium–important for the growth of your baby’s bones and teeth. The seeds are high in zinc, too; an immune-boosting, mood-balancing mineral.

• Pumpkin seeds also contain amino acid tryptophan, which is converted by your body into melatonin; an integral chemical for inducing sleep. (Given that pregnancy is plagued by nocturnal disturbances, you need all the help you can get.)

Say no more, right? Check out this easy, all-good roasted apple and pumpkin soup, topped with pumpkin seeds, to pack in all the veggie preggie benefits.

Via momjunction