What are your ‘best’ and ‘worst’ parenting experiences?

One of the most common metaphoric clichés used to describe parenting is a rollercoaster ride – you wait in a queue, knowing that the experience in front of you is going to be nothing less than crazy.

You do it anyway. And Life becomes one beautiful, terrifying adventure, which in some moments will make you wish you never had and in other moments leave you begging for more.

The beauty of the ride is that no matter how stomach churning it gets, you’ll go again and again.

Parenting is full of ‘bests’ and ‘worsts’ – mums have dished the dirt in a new survey by baby superstore Kiddicare, check out the results:

The five best things about being a parent:

  • The little things – the smiles, the cuddles and gurgles (71%)
  • Bath time (43%)
  • Forming a stronger bond with your partner (36%)
  • Feeding time (22%)
  • Forming new friendships (14%)

The worst best things about being a parent:

  • Lack of sleep (69%)
  • Financial pressures (35%)
  • Relationship problems (31%)
  • Getting out of the house with your baby (30%)
  • Pressure to know all the ‘answers’ (22%)

The strange thing about parenting is that no matter how much you think you know or how ready you think you are, it’s never quite what you expect – there are always (millions of) surprises along the way.

What are your ‘best’ and ‘worst’ parenting experiences?

Source: Dailymail.co.uk – “How are you finding parenthood? Don’t expect an honest answer! New survey finds 90% of new mums lie when asked that question”