Best-dressed Royal? That’ll be Prince George!

We’ve talked about the ‘Kate Effect’, we’ve also talked about the ‘Prince George Effect’ …and just in case you need proof of the country’s obsession with what these two fabulous royals are wearing, a new survey my tells the tale.

Six hundred people were asked to name their best-dressed royal and George came out tops.

Next on the list was his lovely mum the Duchess of Cambridge, with Queen E in third place and Princess Beatrice, Prince Harry, the Countess of Wessex, and Wills following in consecutive order.

Mums all over the place are mimicking George’s fabulous wardrobe – I mean, in all honesty, who can resist a baby in dungarees?

Kate has transposed and translated her classic modern princess style in the form of boy clothes, clones of which are selling like hotcakes.

George’s style is quite typically Prince-ish; neutral, classic, ‘safe’ boy-type colours, and his get-up could be described as traditional.

It would be amazing if Kate, just for one pubic outing, would dress George in clashing colours (purples and yellows, maybe even some back!) or perhaps a sloganned shirt and a Mohawk!

What would granny say? And what would the public do? – Follow suit, no doubt.