Best gifts for a baby shower

What to give a mum-to-be? – Baby clothes, books, toys, bottles, bibs, blankets? Or do you do a pamper gift for mum?

It’s tough to know! One doesn’t want to infringe on parenting style and ethics, and there are only so many ‘safe’ gift options.

If you are wondering about what are the best gifts for a baby shower, the best thing to do is get the babies mum to sign up to Sudocrem’s baby shower app, where they can invite friends and suggest gifts they would like to receive.

A new survey by baby gifts retailer has revealed the best baby gifts, as voted by a panel of new mums.

  • Top of the list is a baby clothes bouquet. Most likely you’ve seen one of these at a baby shower or perhaps even been given one yourself but if not, basically it’s a bouquet of rolled baby clothes (usually practical things like onesies and vests) and silk flowers. Very cute.
  • Traditional gift baskets and hampers of clothes are still popular with new mums although some mums now prefer organic and natural cotton clothes.
  • Pamper gifts – rejuvenating creams, scented candles and belly butter to help with stretch marks once the new baby is born.
  • Congratulatory balloons in boxes etc.
  • Chocolate (duh!)
  • As far as toys for baby; teddies and rattles are the favourites of new mums.
  • Comforters
  • Personalised gifts – this trend is huge at the moment; baby bathrobes and clothes with the baby’s names embroidered on, and baby blankets and personalised art with the date and place of birth are popular.

The survey also recorded some bizarre (and totally hilarious) gifts that some mums received for their newborns including; a power drill for a new baby boy and a candelabra set for a baby girl!

Loads of mums still receive knitted stuff from grannies and great aunties (cardigans, booties and hats, usually in peach) but these items, although appreciated, aren’t all that popular.

What I do when looking for new baby gifts is buy gifts that suit the personality of my mummy friends – for my mum pals who are into alternative music and gigging, I go for cool alternative baby clothes and a rock-a-bye CD. I’ve done the personalised gift thing a couple of times and I also like to give lovely pamper products to mums (Lush is my favourite go to for yummy creams and bath stuff).

In my mind, it’s about taking boring old baby gift ideas (clothes, creams etc.) and ‘funking them up’ with fun slogans, colours and even wrapping. Your mummy friends will appreciate your effort!

Do you have any fabulous baby shower gift ideas? What was the best new mummy gift you received?