Best nappies as voted by mums

The world is perforated with baby products; probably because it needs babies to keep it going (logic is an awesome thing). But sometimes the choice is just too darn confusing. Surely a nappy is a nappy? – One would think…

Best nappies

…But no. There are loads of nappies all with subtle differences. And mums have their preferences. A good way to figure out what product or nappy in this case is the one you should try is to ask other mums what they use on their babies. In which case, Mother& Baby’s 2014 ‘best product’ awards might be just the thing to un-boggle your befuddled brain. Mums got together and voted for the best reusable and disposable nappies and brands, and here’s the list of best:

Best Reusable Nappy

• Baba+Boo Reusable Cloth Nappy
• Bambino Mio Miosolo All-In-One Nappy
• BumGenius Freetime All-In-One One Nappy
• bumGenius Elemental Nappy
• Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Reusable Diape System
• Flip Nappy
• Piriuki V3 Nappy
• Pop-in New Gen V2 Nappy
• TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch Nappy
• TotsBots Easyfit Nappy

Best Disposable Nappy or Nappy Brand

• Asda Little Angels Comfort Dry Nappies
• Essential Waitrose Nappies
• gNappies gPants and disposable inserts
• Kiddicare Just4Bums
• Mamia Easy Pants
• Mamia Ultra Dry Nappies
• Morrisons Little Big Comfy Dry Nappies
• My Little Star Nappy Range
• Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies
• Pampers New Baby Nappies
• Tesco Loves Baby Newborn Nappies
• The Co-operative Loved By Us Junior Nappies

There ya have it – out of the mouths of mums. To see other products and brands that came out tops in mother & Baby’s 2015 awards, here’s a shortlist of winners.