Bibbees – cute bibs for small babies

If there’s one thing most babies can’t do without, it’s a bib.

Bibbees – cute bibs for small babies

Even if you’re a mum lucky enough to have avoided the dribble fest the most babies succumb to at some point, the chances are that you have some mummy friends who can always do with a spare bib – right?

Bibbees is a new brand of bib, started by mum Sarah Martin, who, tired of spending money on over-priced dribble bibs decided to make her own, and sell them – lucky for us because they’re awesome!

Bibbee bibs are made to order. Cool retro patterns are super popular but any material you so fancy is totally doable. And, of course, bandana-style bibs are in vogue at the mo – so not only will your baby rock a bespoke bib that no other baby will have, he’ll also look like he should be on the cover of Mother&Baby.

Other good news (we aim to please) is that Sarah Martin’s homemade fabulousness also features taggies, cushions, bags, Christmas sacks and stockings, and anything else you think will brighten up your baby’s bedroom.

For more information and to place an order, visit Bibbees at