Birth partner tips – Dads advice to be the perfect birth partner

With their partner in agony, the site of blood and the baby still nowhere in sight, dads, all too often, have a tendency to ‘clam up’ at the birth of their child.

If you are a soon-to-be-Dad or you know your partner is worried about his ‘role’ during the birth, then he may find the following birth partner tips on how Dads can be the perfect birth partner useful.

Birth partner tips

Be informed about what to expect

Whilst it is often mums-to-be who attend antenatal classes and learn about what to expect during in labour, it can make dads better prepared for the birth if they attend antenatal classes too and learn about things such as contractions and pain relief.

Help mum with her breathing

Part of the antenatal care you will receive will be talking about and practising breathing techniques during labour. To give a lady greater support during labour it is a good idea if dads can ‘breath’ alongside their partners.

Show encouragement

There is nothing quite as encouraging for a woman during labour when she hears comments such as “you’re doing great” and “well done you’re almost there”.   In fact the more complimentary, encouraging and positive words a dad gives his partner, the easier a woman can find the birth.

Have a cool flannel at the ready

It may sound a bit of a cliché, but things can get pretty hot during the birth of a baby and women, understandably, often sweat buckets.

The perfect birth partner will lovingly mop the brow of his partner, helping to cool her down as well as showing that he is there for her.

Keep calm, stay strong and be patient

If there has been a time that a woman needs her partner to keep calm and be strong then it’s at the birth of their child. Men who walk out of the room, hide away in the corner, or, worse still, pass out, are not supporting their partner to the max – Keep calm, stay strong and be patient.