Why Bluetooth Will Make You A Better Parent

A pacifier that contains a thermometer and sends readings to a parent’s smartphone by Bluetooth, a bottle that adjusts its own angle, then sends off data by Bluetooth about how much a baby has eaten, and when, and a Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush with games to visualise brushing, that gives a score when the child finishes – these are just some of the techno gadgets revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a traditional hotbed of new gadgetry – as reported by bbc.co.uk.

Why Bluetooth Will Make You A Better Parent

Life just got, like, one thousand per cent easier, right?

Typecast as the world’s smartest dummy, the Pacif-i by BlueMaestro will alert you when your baby has a fever, and whether medicine is having an effect. Not only that but a proximity sensor can trigger alarms if a child crawls out of a defined area. There’s no need to recharge the Pacif-i; the power consumption is very small, so a coin-cell battery will last over the lifetime of the pacifier.

The Baby Gigl bottle, which trains parents with direct feedback on their feeding technique while automatically creating a feeding diary using a proprietary Baby Journal, is currently being mass produced in China before rolling out to retailers – visit Indiegogo.com for more info.

And if your child is looking for a little tooth-brushing inspiration, the Grush (also known as ‘the gaming toothbrush’) is worth keeping an eye on. The point of this nifty little gadget is to turn the chore of brushing teeth a fun and interactive game.

Grush uses fun and interactive games to ensure a perfect brushing experience every time. Thirty seconds per mouth quadrant, with the proper brush angle toward the gumline, every stroke is counted and rewarded. After brushing, kids are providing with a score, or “Grush Factor” that measures technique and consistency. This score is uploaded to the cloud and accessible through a dashboard, for parents to track and reward their kids accordingly.

Bluetooth is taking over the world – in a good way!

Source: bbc.co.uk – “Baby baby: The tech that rocks the cradle