Brilliant Budget-Friendly Activity for Toddlers: Pasta Threading!

I know what you’re thinking. Pasta threading? What. The. Hang.

pasta threading

But this is not the mad concoction of some craft-happy hippy gone cray – regardless of how wacky it may appear; pasta threading is, quite simply, a brilliant, budget-saving way to keep your lil’ ones occupied – by encouraging concentration and flexing those all-important fine motor skills.

Anyway, in Toddler World, ‘wacky’ is good. And wacky for extended periods of non-interruption? Very good for mum, too.

There are just 3 supplies you’ll need to get your tot threading: straws, a generous hunk of playdough, and uncooked rigatoni pasta (these large pasta tubes will allow tiny hands to thread with a bit more ease, thus avoiding frustration and giving them a sense of achievement).

Not only is this activity ridiculously inexpensive, it’s also easy to set up and just as quick to pack away for another rainy day.

Demonstrate once or twice for your child how to thread by poking a straw into the playdough and slowly threading the pasta onto the straw.

Then step back and let them have a go – or join in with your own threading station…Kids don’t necessarily dig interference, but they love it when Mummy gets involved with the fun – and this is the best way for them to learn how to focus on a task — by watching you!

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