Bringing your new baby home

The moment your baby is placed in your arms after delivery, your whole world changes. It’s a magical time that will undoubtedly see your lives turned upside down for some time! So, how you do you survive the first few days and weeks at home with your new baby?

Bringing your new baby home

Here are some tips that other parents have shared online, that may help you at the start of your journey.


“At three in the morning, remember that they aren’t babies forever, and eventually, you will get some sleep.”

“Sleep when your baby sleeps. Midwives always say this, but it does work!”

“It’s ok not to know what your baby wants at first when they cry. When you give birth, you aren’t given a manual, so you have to figure things out day by day. You’re both getting to know each other.”

“If the only way to stop your baby crying is to go for a ride in the car or the pram, then just do it.”

“Never change your baby’s nappy on your bed, no matter how sleepy you are. At 2 am your baby will decide to do a projectile poo all over it. Always use a changing mat!”

“Keep visitors to a bare minimum. Don’t let them stay any longer than an hour, and don’t be afraid to leave your partner with them and go to bed. You are a new mum and you need rest.”

“When visitors arrive, have a list in your mind of things they can do. Ask them to put the kettle on and then hang a load of washing out or unpack the dishwasher.”

“I wish I’d known how time-consuming a newborn is. I had plans that I’d have a meal in the slow cooker ready for my partner to come home to, and the cleaning done. In reality, I’m lucky if I’ve managed to get dressed and brush my teeth.”

“Whatever plans you have for the first few months of your child’s life, whatever you think it’ll be like or what you’ll be able to do, forget them all. Your baby will dictate how those few months work, and they may well have different ideas to you.”

“No matter how prepared you think you are, nothing anyone says, or does, will prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster of becoming a parent. You finally understand what true love is.”