Britain’s first baby spa

Britain’s first baby spa

A spa for babies? No, really. And not only is it Britain’s first but a world first, according to spa founder Laura Sevenus.

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Now, as a busy mum you probably barely have time to shower let alone take yourself to a spa – why would you take your baby? Is Baby Spa not some sort of money-making gimmick targeting the affluent families of London’s magnificent Kensington suburb, where the spa is set?

How about you hear a bit about it, and then, check out the site ( and then decide what you think.

Baby Spa is all about offering babies a safe, relaxed environment where they can develop and be well prepared for a lifetime of adventures in the water. If you’re wondering if a splish splash in the bath can’t achieve the same affect, Baby Spa’s hydrotherapy sessions specially are designed to offer a natural sensory experience that supports brain and physical development and helps build an even stronger bond between parent and child. The water-based activities strengthen muscles, bone structure and ultimately movement and help increase determination as they progress.

Whilst this may sound like a glorified swimming class, the Spa includes baby with gentle exercises to build flexibility and strength.

And get this: babies under 8 weeks swim in individual pods of purified water until they receive their first set of immunisations. The larger spa pool is sterilised with OZONE, which destroys all bacteria, viruses, fungi and is safe and kind on the skin, especially for babies with eczema. – Does that sound like public pool swimming to you?

Soothing music, comfy rooms for chatting, relaxing and feeding baby all add to the Baby Spa experience.

Not yet a believer? – Head on over to and read Anna Watson Smith’s take on Baby Spa. If you and your baby suffered a difficult birth, like Anna, whose son Felix was 11 days overdue and was eventually born after 60 hours of labour and an emergency caesarean section, and weighing a hefty 9lb 9oz (yikes!), you might be interested in a little Baby Spa visit. According to Sevenus, a half-hour session in the temperature-controlled, purified waters have a raft of therapeutic effects, helping babies sleep and even tackling typical baby ills such as colic.

Anna Watson Smith starts off as a sceptic but finishes understanding why mums would keep coming back for the £60 spa treatment – not only does Felix sleep the entire car trip home (after time at the spa) but that night he goes to sleep more readily than usual, and lasts slightly longer until his first night-time feed. What new mum would say no to more sleep?

The long and the short of it is that whilst Baby Spa is not for every mum and baby, it will be for some! And there are plans to expand Baby Spa across the UK.

To find out more about Baby Spa, visit, which also lists Laura Sevenus’s very impressive credentials, as well as the benefits of spa time at Baby Spa.