Britain’s top baby names! – The latest results are out

Big news mums-and-dads-who-are-currently-deciding-on-a-great-baby-name! – The Office of National Statistics has just released the most popular names of 2013. Check out the top ten lists:

Britain’s top baby names! – The latest results are out

The most popular boys names of 2013

1.    Oliver

2.    Jack

3.    Harry

4.    Charlie

5.    Oscar

6.    Jacob

7.    William

8.    Alfie

9.    Thomas

10. George

The most popular girls names of 2013

1.    Amelia

2.    Olivia

3.    Poppy

4.    Emily

5.    Isla

6.    Isabella

7.    Lily

8.    Ruby

9.    Jessica

10. Ava


So, whaddaya think?

Brits are clearly royal-inspired, with William, Harry and George featuring in the top ten. What the list doesn’t tell you is that, in fact, Muhammad was actually the top boys name in England and Wales but it didn’t make the official list because of all the different spellings – when the variations were added together though, Muhammad was not just popular but the most popular boys name.

Amelia is number one on the girls list for the third year running but names that might give Amelia a run for her money in future lists are Elsie, Ivy, Violet, Willow, Sofia and Mollie – all rapidly climbing the rungs as we speak.

And popular culture has had an absolute field day in the polls! Any Game of Thrones fans in the house? – Arya, Tyrion, Theon, Sansa and Gregor all featured in the polls. What about Breaking Bad? – Skyler and Walter spiked on the names list. Some parents paid tribute to JK Rowling with Harry Potter names; Draco, Sirius and Bellatrix. And the Beckhams – oh the Beckhams; not only are Brits wearing their clothes and perfumes but the names of their kids too: Cruz, Brooklyn, Romeo and Harper especially are still popular name choices among fans.

So there ya have it! The dirt has been dished! – Some names to ditch or some names to don. Happy choosing!

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