Build confidence in toddlers by giving them responsibility

Research has proven that giving toddlers some responsibility, such as tidying his room, clearing up his toys and putting his crayons back in the box, can help boost confidence in toddlers to act independently and tackle things on his own.

Below are several tips on how to give your toddler some responsibility and grow confidence in toddlers.

1 – Make tidying up fun

Many toddlers are reluctant to tidy up after themselves, preferring to move on to the next toy instead of tidying up the last. If this sounds familiar, make tidying up more fun by turning it into a game or competition on who ‘can make the carpet the tidiest?’

2 – Soap and water

Why is it that toddlers love to get wet playing with soap and water? Well why not reap the potential benefits of your child’s partiality to let rip with soap and water by asking them to wipe down tables, chairs, floors or anything else that might need cleaning?

3 – Implement a routine

Young children, generally speaking, thrive on order and routines. Try and encourage your child to get into a routine of putting their dirty clothes into a laundry bag or basket and it may help develop organisation skills later on in life.

4 – Dress themselves!

As soon as you child is old enough to start putting his own socks on or pulling his t-shirt over his head, let him. Being given the responsibility of dressing himself should empower him, make him feel more grown up, and not to mention diminish the risks of ‘laziness’ setting in!

5 – Picking up litter

Children should be taught from an early age that it is wrong to drop litter. Encourage your child, not only to put his own apple cores and sweet wrappers in the bin, but even pick up the litter of others. Learning to respect their surroundings from an early age will help a child to feel reassured by cleanliness and order. Of course if your child is picking up other people’s litter, always make sure that he washes his hands afterwards.