Cute ideas for bump-to-baby photo shoots

Capturing your little one’s growth from bump to baby is a precious way to remember the early years. Whether you get a friend or family member to snap some pictures or you enlist the services of a professional photographer, there are some lovely ways to document this special time.


photo shoots


Pregnancy photo shoots are very popular and you can get as creative as you want to while embracing your growing bump. Photos that document your growing bump look beautiful if you capture the same shot as you get bigger. Some lovely ideas include yours and your partner’s hands making a heart shape on your belly, holding tiny shoes next to your bump and your partner or other child kissing your belly.

A simple silhouette is a stunning way to remember your pregnancy forever. A good photographer will be able to create the perfect lighting and shadowing to focus on your bump and capture your silhouette perfectly. These kinds of photos look exceptionally beautiful in black and white.

With a newborn, one of the most popular photos is one of its tiny feet or hands next to those of you and your partner. Those diddy fingers and toes will soon grow! Another favourite is to take a snap of your baby next to a favourite teddy or toy, and re-take the picture every month or year as they grow.

Photographing your newborn placed on a big fluffy rug or blanket all curled up makes for a beautiful treasure. If you have your baby around a holiday then you can also take super cute pictures of them with a Santa hat on or dressed as a pumpkin.

However you choose to remember your journey from pregnancy to motherhood, taking as many photos as you can will give you fabulous pictures to treasure forever.