Bump Buddy – new app for pregnant women

Child health charity Best Beginnings is gearing for the launch of a new interactive app that is designed to support you as a mum-to-be and also as a new mum.

Now when I first read up on this new app for pregnant women, I wasn’t sure if I was down with the gimmick: the app lets you create your own personalised friend – a ‘Bump Buddy’ – who will guide you through every step of your pregnancy.

The idea is that your virtual friend will offer you useful information or show you a film clip (via the app) – tailored according to a profile you create when initiating your Bump Buddy.

What do you think?

I couldn’t help but wonder why someone would replace a real friend (mum or family member) with a cyber-friend who is not even real… then I thought; well, maybe if someone has really annoying friends, a pregnant Bump-Buddy would be useful?

And then I also remembered that advice from actual people can be pretty irritating, which is why most modern mums turn to Google for answers – and then it sort of makes sense to have hints and tips delivered in a mum-friendly version; by a pretend friend on an iPhone app?

Even better: create an avatar in your own image and it’s like you’re getting advice from yourself – that’s a whole lot more tolerable (if not a little weird) than well-meaning-but-not-always-welcome ramblings from the whole family.

And the app for pregnant women has been developed with input from leading healthcare experts including midwives, doctors and health visitors to make sure that all the information is accurate.

Here are some app for pregnant women features:

  • Your Bump Buddy is ‘virtual’ expert on all things pregnancy so you can ask her a question at any time.
  • Take a picture of your bump using the app and your Bump Buddy will create a video of your bump growing in the ‘Bump Booth’.
  • Your Bump Buddy will invite you to add your thoughts and photo to your very own ‘Bump Book’ which you can keep to yourself or, if you like, share with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or by email.
  • You can use “Bump Around” to find out about useful places near to you.
  • Other useful bits include: a place where you can put questions you want to ‘Remember to Ask’ at your next appointment and “I Can Do it” where you can, if you want, set yourself goals like having a good breakfast or swapping fizzy drinks for water.

If you’re a fan of cyber-you, you can also download ‘Baby Buddy’ – which will guide you through the first six months of your baby’s life.

Much like ‘Bump Buddy’, ‘Baby Buddy’ is a ‘virtual’ expert and you’ll be able to ask any question at any time. You’ll also be able to use the ‘Baby Booth’ function to upload pics, which will be formatted into a video of your little love. The “I Can Do It” feature will help you to set yourself goals; like walking 15 minutes a day to help you lose any ‘baby weight’ or talking with your baby while you change a nappy.

The app for pregnant women also lets you create your very own ‘Baby Book’ to capture your baby’s first few months, and through the geo-location “Baby Around” you can find support groups and activities that you and your baby can visit together.

And the apps are free!

If you’d like a cyber-buddy to dish the dirt on all things pregnancy and baby, CLICK HERE for more information.