‘Bump painting’ – new pregnancy trend

Most mums-to-be are proud of their lovely baby bumps. Both of the times I’ve been pregnant I have been rather fond of my bumps.

Admittedly, I wasn’t all that fond of not fitting into my clothes and by the time the third trimester rolled around I was pretty much over swollen feet, heartburn and not seeing my feet (especially the second time) but I did still liked my bump(s) – I guess it’s a weird contradiction.

A burgeoning new pregnancy trend at the moment is for mums to celebrate their bumps by getting them painted. And if you’re really brave you could get your whole preggy body painted – and get some photos to prove you did it.

I imagine the brush strokes on the belly must be fabulously relaxing for both mum and baby, and a cool idea is to have a bump painting party if you can gather enough mum-to-be friends. Obviously it’s is not everybody’s cuppa but if you’re keen, I googled ‘bump painting’ and came up with loads of offerings (proving the popularity). Here are a few examples:

…but you’re bound to come up with loads of options if you do your own search.

Apparently the ideal is to have bump art done at around 7/8 months into your pregnancy, although it can be done at any time. And the more ‘sticky out’ your belly, the better. Many of the bump art places also offer vouchers, which might make cool gift for any one of your mummy friends.

Sometimes, it’s good to step out of our comfort zone!

Have you had your bump painted? Can you recommend any good artists?