Buying a push chair – What you need to know

Buying a push chair for your new arrival can be an exciting yet expensive affair. With such an immense choice of push chairs available, knowing which one to buy is far from an easy decision.

There are, however, certain ‘rules’ to consider when buying a push chair, and ones that could help you make your decision…

Consider your lifestyle

Active parents that enjoy pushing their baby to the shops, to the park and over ‘rough’ terrain, should contemplate buying a push chair that has sturdy wheels, easy manoeuvrability and good suspension.  Three wheel buggies are often the sturdiest, easiest to manoeuvre and great for pushing on ‘off the beaten tracks’. If, on the other hand, you are more inclined to drive or catch the bus with your push chair in tow, a more sensible option of push chair would be one that is light and easy too fold.

Consider the seat

A seat that lies flat, reclines partially and then can be placed in to the upright position, will last considerably longer than a fixed-position push chair. Babies generally lay flat in a push chair from birth until three months and are able to sit up straight in a push chair at approximately six months. The seats in some push chairs can be reversed so that the baby can be facing either forwards or backwards – a feature that is well worth considering.

Consider the size of the push chair

Push chairs can take up a lot of room and therefor the size and bulk of a buggy needs to be considered. Ensure that you measure the dimensions of your boot prior to buying a push chair to make sure that it will fit in!

Consider the expense

Push chairs can vary immensely in price. Although spending a bit more initially could mean that you save money in the long term. For example, buying a buggy that will ‘grow’ with your baby until toddler stage will save on the expenditure of having to buying another one later on, likewise so will buying a decent, sturdy model that will last if you have more children.