Can a blindfolded child pick his mummy out of a lineup?

Had a good cry lately? Best get your Kleenex handy for Pandora’s latest ad.

Titled ‘The Unique Connection’, the jewellery brand’s ad shows an experiment of six mothers and their children, aged between three and nine. One by one, each child is blindfolded and asked to identify his or her mum from a lineup using only intuition and the remaining senses.

Can a blindfolded child pick his mummy out of a line-up?

Don’t worry, it’s all happy endings – going down the line, the sightless kids share a moment with each mother before they all successfully pick out their own, guided by their trusty mummy radars.

Uploaded to the official Pandora Youtube channel on April 13, the tearjerker has already been viewed over half a million times.

This isn’t just savvy advertising, though; the bond between mother and child is a scientific fact.

Your baby will recognise your scent within days of birth, and even before he was born, he started to hear your voice, filtered through fluids. So by the time you hold him in your arms, and belt out your best Guns ‘n’ Roses rendition, he already knows your voice.

Similarly, blindfolded mums – and dads! – can pick their babies out of a nursery lineup merely by touching all the infants’ hands.

The ‘unique connection’ really does exist; so feel free to soak up Pandora’s intended sentiment: