Can This Smoothie Boost Your Fertility?

According to a new study, smoothies aren’t just a food fad with surprising staying power; they could also help couples conceive – provided both the wannabe mum and dad are downing the drink.

Making a smoothie

Recent research from the University of Southampton has revealed that maximising your chances of falling pregnant could be as simple as blitzing up a glass of key ingredients.

The study, presented at 2017’s European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference, analysed 102 couples (all undergoing IVF treatments), dividing the sample into two groups: the first group (both women and men) received smoothies packed with known fertility-boosting nutrients; the other, regular juice. The findings showed that the smoothie group went on to exhibit a 5 percent higher likelihood of conceiving.

The smoothies contained vitamins C and D, folic acid and omega-3, and lead researcher Alexandra Kermack, PhD., explains the nutritional efficacy: “Previous research shows that omega 3 is absolutely vital for sperm, making them stronger swimmers, and vitamin D makes the womb more receptive and ‘sticky’ for the embryo to implant.”

The nutritional content of the smoothies was exactly the same as that of a multivitamin – or a piece of oily fish, like salmon; so the takeaway from the Southampton study is that making your uterus favourable for a baby can be less complicated than many think — and a smoothie in particular makes it especially easy to get your daily dosage of fertility-friendly good stuff.

Also, the research project emphasises what a number of other studies are corroborating; when it comes to managing fertility, the onus is not just on the maternal side–men’s health is influential in the outcome, too.